The most frequently asked questions by new clients

What is the minimum order quantity?

Snack bar minimum batch production is usually 10 000 to 30 000 bars per product/flavour with prices depending on weight, ingredients and packaging.

What are the minimum and maximum weights you can produce?

Minimum bar weight 20g, maximum bar weight 100g.

Can you make gluten free or dairy free bars?

Our factory employs best practice handling of all allergens, but we do not believe free from gluten or dairy claims are possible on any site which handles these ingredients. Although unfortunate, we do believe this is part of protecting you and your brand.

Can you provide multipacks or mixed cases?

We can offer multipack options. Mixed cases are possible, however, due to our current processes, it may not be cost effective. Contact us to discuss your project and packing requirements.

What type of bars do you manufacture?

We manufacture a range of bars and always look to be innovative with the products we develop. The type of bars we currently manufacturer include: Diet, Protein, Energy, Functional, Organic, Fairtrade, Health, 100% Fruit.

Do you make a ball type product?

Currently no. However, please watch this space.

Can I use my own ingredients?

Yes, we can accommodate your ingredients. However, any ingredients used in our factory must be quality checked and approved by us for your protection. Contact us to discuss how we can make your recipe work.

Can I have chia as an ingredient in my bar?

Guidance from the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) stipulates that chia seeds may be used as an ingredient in bars, if the bar is baked. Contact us to discuss how we can make your recipe work.

Can my product include peanuts?

We are committed to being a 100% peanut free site. We do use a range of other nuts such as brazil, cashew, almond and many others.

Can I use animal proteins in my bar?

Our site is 100% vegetarian, but we can offer you a range of other great protein options such as pea, rice, soya and whey. Contact us to discuss how we can make your recipe work.

Are you Kosher or Halal certified?

Our site is not certified, but we can support your product range in achieving both certifications.

How much will the bar cost?

Prices are dependant on weight and ingredients used. Unfortunately, we can’t be more specific on costs until product and packaging details are understood. We can give indicative costs throughout the development process.

Will my bars be subject to VAT?

As VAT is a UK charge, most products sold within the UK are subject to VAT. Products sold outside of the UK are not subject to VAT. For more information, please get in touch.

How long will it take to make my bar?

Once we understand your brief, we would hope to get your first kitchen samples to you in 1-4 weeks. On average, your first full production will be around 20 weeks from the date you first get in touch.

Do you supply the product packaging?

We don’t manufacture or supply packaging ourselves. However, we can happily advise you of some suppliers who provide packaging and film services.

Can you manufacture Organic and Fairtrade products?

We are experts in these certifications and can help you in certifying your product range.

Do you have any quality or food safety accreditations?

Yes, we are certified to BRC Global Standard grade A demonstrating our commitment to quality assurance not just quality control.

Can you enrobe, skirt or drizzle my bar in chocolate or yogurt?

We don’t currently offer this service, but we can include chocolate or yogurt in your recipe. Call us to discuss your recipe requirements.