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Product Development

We are here to help and give advice throughout the process as our aim is to provide a smooth transition from idea to finished product. To allow us to provide the best possible service, please note the following stages of product development and what we ask from you to achieve the optimum results:


The Process


• To keep development time to a minimum, we ask that you provide us with as much detail as possible on our briefing form below. Usually, this brief will lead to a first round of kitchen trials for review.

• Kitchen-level development is charged per hour. The fee covers ingredients and labour for a reasonable quantity of samples. It also covers management time to provide non-binding legal and technical advice to take the product and packaging through to production (e.g. food labelling law, proof reading of artwork, calculated nutritional values, VAT status and technical checks on product and packaging).

• Once kitchen samples are approved, a factory trial is a requirement so that we can smooth out any production and technical issues when upscaling to full batch quantities. The cost is charged per hour of factory time required and any output from this trial can be provided on request. Please note that all charges include standard ingredient costs but exclude any that are bespoke to your products.


The Small Print


Please find below general information and terms in regards to working with Fullwell Mill Ltd:

• The most common question during the initial stage is pricing and minimum order quantities. Snack bar minimum batch production is usually 10 000 to 30 000 bars per product with prices depending on weight, ingredients and packaging. Unfortunately, we can’t be more specific on costs until product and packaging details are understood but we can give indicative costs throughout the development process.

• We recognise that you are confiding potentially sensitive information and we are therefore happy to comply with any reasonable non-disclosure arrangements.

• During product development it is advised to progress as quickly as possible on packaging as our experience is that this always takes longer than anticipated. We will need to approve the artwork prior to printing and generally this will involve several iterations, so it is in both of our interests to start this part of the process as soon as is practicable to ensure legal compliance and conformance to the externally audited standards which most of our customers require. Please discuss realistic time scales at an early stage.

• All packaging and origination costs are the financial responsibility of the customer. We also strongly recommend that final packaging is approved by Trading Standards.

•We will offer our opinion on VAT status if requested, however it is unlikely we would accept VAT free status without supporting evidence from your local VAT office.

• On occasions certain ingredients to be used in the final products are free supplied by the customer. It is important to note that these ingredients will need to comply with our approval procedures before they can be accepted onto our premises. Early availability of supply chain details and technical specifications are therefore advisable.

• We require acceptance of our contract of supply once the products are finalised. This document delimits the legal responsibilities of all parties but also details the mechanics of production planning and delivery options.

• We are also able to undertake contract packing of dried fruits, nuts, rice and pulses in pillow, gusset or stabillo packs. The minimum run is 5000 bags but largely depends on weight and the nature of the ingredients. Again we would need to approve for these products.

• Once the products are signed off and ready for production, we can offer a range of additional services, including storage of supplied ingredients, packaging and finished produce; order handling and distribution; all tailored to your individual requirements. Please note, in all circumstances these services would be an additional cost separate to the production of the product.


We hope this provides you with an overview of the services we can offer you, but for further information about our business or to discuss any aspects of bar development, please contact Mark Booth ( or Richard Friend ( on 0845 258 2782.


For contract packing of form fill seal products, please contact Mark or Peter Fawcett (  


Thank you again for considering Fullwell Mill Ltd, we look forward to your custom.

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