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Manufacturer of Organic, Fairtrade and Healthy Foods

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Snack Bars


We specialise in:


- Cereal bars

- Protein bars (greater than 20% by weight)

- High and pure fruit bars

- Handling small quantities from 8000-16000 bars per run depending on size and variety of bar

- Hand rolled snack bars which give a better feel, higher quality and more homemade rustic    look (if required)

- Sourcing suitable ingredients


Contact Richard Friend:, or Mark Booth: , tel: 08452582782 to discuss your snack bar requirements.

Formfill Packing


Our packing line:


- Specialises in packing between 20g and 1kg of dry foodstuffs

- Minimum runs are generally around 500kg

- Sieves inline at 2 – 10mm

- Can pack into quad (stabilo), gusset or pillow packs


Contact Peter Fawcett: or Mark Booth:, tel: 08452582782 to discuss your packing requirements.


All production lines are supported by fully integrated checkweighers and metal detectors.

Fullwell Mill has nearly twenty years of experience in the packing of dried fruits, nuts and vegetables and the manufacture of snack bars. Our clients benefit from our expertise in manufacture as well as our direct import of an excellent range of fair trade and organic dried fruits.